A Magic Makeover Mirror  

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A Magic Makeover Mirror
By gazing into this mirror you give yourself one chance for a magical makeover of your appearance. Once used, you will need to return to the Character Select screen to complete your makeover.
Casting2 seconds
Duration3 seconds
Recovery0.5 second
Recast5 seconds
All Fighters, All Mages, All Priests, All Scouts, Beastlord

  • Applies Magic Makeover when Activated.
    • Gives the owner of the mirror a complete makeover of their choice.

Game Update #45
A Prophet Returns
Live: May 13, 2008
This item was also a claim item when alternate appearances (SOGA models) were introduced.

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were involved in the Living Legacy World Event, which ran from June through November, 2008. This event has now concluded.

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