Call of the Veteran  

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Call of the Veteran
Casting2 seconds
Recovery0.5 second
Recast1 hour
All Fighters, All Mages, All Priests, All Scouts, Beastlord

  • Applies Call of the Veteran when Activated.
    • Summons a mysterious orb that will allow the user to summon a group member or teleport to a group member anywhere in Norrath. This effect cannot be used while engaged in combat.
    • This effect cannot be cast during combat

This is a six-year veteran's reward. Allows you to teleport directly to a group member, with a one hour recast.

  1. Be in a group or raid that's in a location you normally have access to.
  2. Make sure no one in the group or raid is in combat.
  3. Use it to set up a globe thingy.
  4. Right click on globe and choose teleport you to someone or transport to you (double click goes with the teleportyou option). Select one.
  5. Select the group/raid member you want to teleport to or have teleported to you.

Note: If the one being transported doesn't have access to the destination (i.e. locked out, didn't do an access quest, etc), the teleport will fail.

Second Note: If the group/raid is in combat when you attempt to transport, the transport will fail but the recast timer won't (or shouldn't) get eaten. When they're out of combat, try again.

According to Rothgar, EQII Lead Programmer[1]:

First it summons a portal that only you can see. Right-clicking the portal gives you two options. One option is to port to a group member anywhere in the world. The second option is to summon a group member from anywhere in the world to your location. Once you use an option the portal goes away. I think the recast time on it is 60 minutes.

Yes, this works across zones and yes it works in dungeons. A player must meet the requirements for the zone before they can be summoned to you. So this means they have to have access to the zone and can't possess a lockout timer for another instance of that zone. Our goal with the summoning ability was to allow veterans to share the "coolness" of this item with other players that might not have it yet.

Allakhazam credits this post by Rijacki at the SOE Official Forums for use instructions.

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