Othmir of Velious  

February 22, 2011

Quests for this faction can be received in both Great Divide and Eastern Wastes.

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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Dead Othmir1   Eastern WastesNo
A Joyous Othmir1   Great DivideNo
A Mourning Othmir1   Great DivideYes
A Playing Othmir PupEastern WastesNo
A Reverent Othmir1   Great DivideNo
A Scared Othmir Pup1   Eastern WastesNo
A Slain Othmir90-91   Eastern WastesNo
A Slain Yha-lei90-91   Eastern WastesNo
A Wounded Othmir90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Injured Othmir90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Injured Othmir EscortGreat DivideYes
An Othmir Aiding FisherGreat DivideYes
An Othmir Aiding HealerGreat DivideYes
An Othmir Aiding WeaverGreat DivideYes
An Othmir Bone Artisan87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir DefenderGreat DivideNo
An Othmir Defender1   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Distorter90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Fish Trapper87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Fisher87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Fisher90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Fisherman1   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Guard87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Medic90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Nurturer87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Patroller90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Patroller87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Priest1   Great DivideYes
An Othmir Priest1   Eastern WastesYes
An Othmir Protector90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Pup87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Pup1   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir PupEastern WastesNo
An Othmir Pup-bearer1   Great DivideYes
An Othmir Shell Cracker87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Villager87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Warrior90-91   Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Warrior87   Great DivideNo
An Othmir Water Weaver87   Great DivideNo
AnnEastern WastesNo
AquaGreat DivideYes
BanikGreat DivideYes
BaoEastern WastesNo
BeckavarGreat DivideYes
Chief DampionEastern WastesNo
ChitterGreat DivideNo
ClickerGreat DivideYes
DiuGreat DivideYes
FiverGreat DivideYes
FiytEastern WastesNo
FynnGreat DivideYes
High Shaman LienEastern WastesNo
JinGreat DivideYes
KapuEastern WastesNo
KianEastern WastesNo
KlipklapEastern WastesNo
LanGreat DivideYes
LaurelEastern WastesYes
MeiEastern WastesNo
MiauGreat DivideYes
MinosEastern WastesNo
Naka90-91   Eastern WastesNo
NarpGreat DivideYes
Naui90   Great DivideNo
NiaGreat DivideYes
NipikGreat DivideYes
NusanEastern WastesYes
Old Meerl The Fisherman1   Eastern WastesNo
OshGreat DivideYes
Osh1   Great DivideYes
PiepEastern WastesNo
PipkinGreat DivideYes
PriddieGreat DivideYes
RoxGreat DivideYes
RuiGreat DivideYes
RuntGreat DivideYes
SanaGreat DivideYes
Scout Fipitt1   Eastern WastesNo
Silver90-91   Eastern WastesNo
SunaEastern WastesNo
TerwooEastern WastesNo
WoefEastern WastesNo
YellowGreat DivideYes
YipyipEastern WastesNo
YueGreat DivideYes