Sootfoot Talent Society  

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009
The Sootfoot Talent Society is a faction of unpredictable goblins in Lavastorm.

Their faction works backwards: when you're a friend they don't trust you, but as you lose faction with them they're willing to deal with you. So you must have -10,000 faction or worse to buy their goodies.

Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall said at the preview tour [1]:

they weren't even invited to the goblin gathering. They treat family worse than friends. It's awesome.

The faction quest series begins with Blisterzonk, in Lavastorm, and the quest Rock Collecting.

See Kabcar Trapitsa for purchasable faction rewards.

Important NPCs

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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable Faction Amount Change
Stinky Mission, Indeed 49 Lavastorm No No -2500
Body Heat 48 Lavastorm No Infinite -2500
Who Ya Gonna Call? 52 Lavastorm No Infinite -2500
Beastie Bronco 47 Lavastorm No No -2500
Gem Is Adventure 46 Lavastorm No No -2500
Pieces Of Flare 51 Lavastorm No No -2500
Colossal Smash And Grab 53 Lavastorm No Infinite -2500
More Talent In The Society 48 Lavastorm No No -2500
Truly Outrageous 45 Lavastorm No No -2500
Spreading Trouble 46 Lavastorm No No -2500
Drake Die-Kaput Time 53 Lavastorm No Infinite -2500
Rock Collecting 45 Lavastorm No No -2500
Flaming Glob Grab 50 Lavastorm No No -2500
Like Pulling Teeth 55 Lavastorm No Infinite -2500
Tiptoe Through The Lava Fields 51 Lavastorm No No -2500
Lava Crystal Therapy 52 Lavastorm No No -2500
Instant Jerky 45 Lavastorm No No -2500
Fate Of The Fire Imps 47 Lavastorm No No -2500
Rumble Tumble 50 Lavastorm No No -2500
Booming Business 49 Lavastorm No No -2500