The Qeynos Guard  

The guards and fighters of Qeynos.

To purchase faction items for this faction, see Aldermun in North Qeynos.

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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Desperate Defender13   The CavesNo
A Qeynos Guardsman20   Queen's ColonyNo
A Qeynos Guardsman20   Queen's ColonyNo
A Qeynos Guardsman20   Queen's ColonyNo
A Qeynos Guardsman20   Queen's ColonyNo
A Qeynosian Protector29-31   The CommonlandsNo
AdilahThe Burning CauldronNo
Cailee Bluesheaf10   Oakmyst ForestYes
Captain Cahptor95   South QeynosNo
Captain Campos95   North QeynosNo
Captain Chapman95   South QeynosNo
Captain Lawler95   South QeynosNo
Captain Lovato95   North QeynosNo
Captain McDuffie95   North QeynosNo
Captain Penley95   North QeynosNo
Dane MacCollinsThe Burning CauldronNo
DashikiThe Burning CauldronNo
Diddy McNaughtonThe Burning CauldronNo
Diren50   North QeynosNo
Factor Kai FerdinandNorth QeynosNo
Fidnub Wobblecog1   The Burning CauldronNo
Guard Andrews25   The Peat BogNo
Guard Belaire25   The CavesNo
Guard Black20   The Peat BogNo
Guard Dierdra25   The Peat BogNo
Guard Moor20   The Peat BogNo
Guard Nander25   The Peat BogNo
Guard Vivian25   The Peat BogNo
Huntmaster KrellOakmyst ForestNo
Illervo95   North QeynosNo
Ingraham25   The Forest RuinsNo
JemilaOakmyst ForestNo
Jeth The Spy30   The City of FreeportYes
Jeth The Spy30   East FreeportYes
Knight-Captain SteelgazeNorth QeynosNo
Knight-Guard Rellin`thirNorth QeynosNo
Larissa NiemierThe Burning CauldronNo
Lulien Leafven10   Oakmyst ForestYes
Madeline25   Oakmyst ForestNo
Maggie Swellswalker1   The Burning CauldronNo
Muzzammil1   The Burning CauldronNo
OakvilThe Peat BogNo
Oshar Grahl22   Queen's ColonyYes
Rand Urnall1   The Burning CauldronNo
Rascal50   North QeynosNo
Rinduil Flintflight10   Oakmyst ForestYes
Runt50   North QeynosNo
Sanoolielo15   Starcrest CommuneNo
Sergeant-at-Arms IroncastNorth QeynosNo
Solas25   Oakmyst ForestNo
Squire-Guard WilliamsonNorth QeynosNo
Stormbrace25   Oakmyst ForestNo
Swaggerin JoeThe Burning CauldronNo
Trilin95   North QeynosNo
Truesteel25   Oakmyst ForestNo
Winterburn25   The Forest RuinsNo