Impossibly Rare Objects  

Needs8 items
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Gigglegibber Mini-Comfort Crate
Reward: (choose one)

A purple shiny!
A purple shiny!

The items in this collection are ground-spawn purple shinies with a ? over them in the zones listed unless noted differently below in the list of Items in this Collection.

When the collection is complete, you can turn it in to any Collector NPC for your reward and a very nice chunk of experience.

Items in this Collection

This is a collection of purple shinies for Bristlebane Day. Nothing special is required to see them and the items are tradable. The shinies seem to share spawns with yellow shinies. Currently they've been spotted in Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Frostfang Sea and Timorous Deep.

The reward is a Gigglegibber Mini-Comfort Crate, a plushie version of the Gigglegibber comfort crate.

You can take your reward to The Grand Prankster to have it blessed! You must have completed Tin Metal Protection to speak to the Prankster.

Bristlebane Day
Occurs annually around April Fool's Day.
Special one-day events on April 1st!
(Introduced in 2009)

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