My Time with the Harpies  

Needs8 items
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The items in this collection can all be found by collecting ground-spawn fluttering pages with a ! over them (and often as mob drops or in objects) in the zones listed unless noted differently below in the list of Items in this Collection.

When you have all the pages and the binding, talk to a Book Binder, or any Collector NPC, to restore the book and complete this quest for your reward and a very nice chunk of experience.

Items in this Collection

  • My Time With the Harpies Book: In a basket at the Char'Nik Village at 1234, -165, -1594
  • Page 5: no trade drop off of Windsister Jaggedfeathers in the Pillars of Flame
  • Page 8: tradeable drop off of Windsister Jaggedfeathers in Pillars of Flame or a ground spawn around 266, -103, -1297
  • Page 9: tradeable drop off of Scornfeathers in the Scornfeather Roost, also Windsister Jaggedfeathers
  • Page 10: In a fish bucket on the lower ledge area of the the Char'gin camp. 1217, -191, -1712
  • Page 11: From a rock at 1489, -127, -1024
  • Page 14: By examining a harpy nest at 700, -73, -1222 up a climbable wall in the Pillars of Flame.
  • Page 15: tradeable drop off of Windsisters in the Pillars of Flame
  • Page 22: tradeable drop off of Harpies in the Pillars of Flame

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