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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Relics of the Ethernauts85Shadow Odyssey20
Relics of the Ethernauts85Shadow Odyssey20
Idols of Lord Venril Sathir82Shadow Odyssey10
Idols of the Tribes of Guk82Shadow Odyssey10
Miragul's Dress Robes82Shadow Odyssey10
Mistmoore's Artifacts82Shadow Odyssey6
Najena's Lab Equipment82Shadow Odyssey8
Possessions of Gynok Moltor82Shadow Odyssey10
Talisman of the Great Anashti Sul82Shadow Odyssey10
Anemone Arms80Shadow Odyssey6
Artifacts of the Libant80Shadow Odyssey10
Blood Runes80Shadow Odyssey8
Brokenskull Pirate Peglegs80Shadow Odyssey8
Brokenskull Pirate Sashes80Shadow Odyssey8
Canvases of Mayong80Shadow Odyssey10
Darkened Void Weapons80Shadow Odyssey8
Dimensional Baubles80Shadow Odyssey8
Gnomish Devices80Shadow Odyssey8
Gukish Cuisine80Shadow Odyssey8
Hearts of the Knights of Marr80Shadow Odyssey6
Idols of Shadow80Shadow Odyssey8
Items of the Lost Brotherhood80Shadow Odyssey8
Lost Necromancy Spells80Shadow Odyssey6
Lost Symbols of Marr80Shadow Odyssey8
Magmatic Gem Deposits80Shadow Odyssey8
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