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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Shadowy Gems90Destiny of Velious5
Shards of the Ward-Golems90Destiny of Velious6
Spire of Rage Runes and Gemstones90Destiny of Velious8
Storm Giant Beard Collection90Destiny of Velious6
Tales of Drunder90Destiny of Velious6
Tales of Eastern Wastes90Destiny of Velious6
Tales of Kael Drakkel90Destiny of Velious6
Tales of the Great Divide90Destiny of Velious7
Tales of the Kromzek90Destiny of Velious3
Tales of the Tower90Destiny of Velious3
Tales of Velketor's Labyrinth90Destiny of Velious4
Tallon's Sigils90Destiny of Velious8
Temple of Rallos Zek Holy Symbols90Destiny of Velious8
The Chronicles of Velious90Destiny of Velious7
Thrael'Gorr Idols Collection90Destiny of Velious8
Throne of Storms Oathstones90Destiny of Velious8
Tizmak Trophies90Destiny of Velious7
Tokens of the Eastern Wastes90Destiny of Velious7
Tokens of the Great Divide90Destiny of Velious7
Trinkets of the Ascent90Destiny of Velious5
Trinkets of the Cursed90Destiny of Velious7
Vallon's Sigils90Destiny of Velious8
Vestiges of Growth90Destiny of Velious7
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