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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Armor of the Rime90Destiny of Velious5
Avazek Relics90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Bear90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Chokidai90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Tiger90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Wolf90Destiny of Velious8
Coldain Relics90Destiny of Velious7
Flora of Velious90Destiny of Velious8
Forgotten Trinkets90Destiny of Velious5
Gems of the Crystal Caverns90Destiny of Velious6
Iceshard Keep Soldier Symbols90Destiny of Velious8
Kael Drakkel Workforce Signets90Destiny of Velious7
Kerig'Dal Relics90Destiny of Velious8
Kromzek Medals Collection90Destiny of Velious8
Kromzek War Relics90Destiny of Velious7
Kromzek Warrior Badges90Destiny of Velious7
Mammoth Fur Collection90Destiny of Velious8
Memories of a Cursed Bride90Destiny of Velious5
Memories of Velketor90Destiny of Velious5
Order of Rime Battle Relics90Destiny of Velious7
Othmir Curios90Destiny of Velious7
Ragebourne Relics90Destiny of Velious8
Relics of the Battle of Thurgadin90Destiny of Velious6
Rime Badges of Rank90Destiny of Velious6
Ry'Gorr Rage Trophies90Destiny of Velious7
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