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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Petrified Badlands Creature Remnants85Sentinel's Fate4
Reet Knight Armor85Kunark7
Relics of the Ethernauts85Shadow Odyssey20
Relics of the Ethernauts85Shadow Odyssey20
Relics of the Fortress85Sentinel's Fate6
Relics of the Goblin Hero85Runnyeye: The Gathering10
Relics of the Onaya85Sentinel's Fate6
Roekillik Weapons85Sentinel's Fate6
Rubble Items from Old Paineel85Sentinel's Fate6
Salts from Highland Salts85Sentinel's Fate5
Sebilisian Symbols85Kunark5
Standards of the Goblin Tribes85Runnyeye: The Gathering8
Toxxulian Flora85Sentinel's Fate5
Underfoot Anchor Components85Sentinel's Fate12
War Armor of the Ca'Na85Sentinel's Fate6
Danak Legion Medals82Kunark6
Devourer Teeth82Kunark6
Dirty Dingy Pages82Runnyeye: The Gathering10
Goblin Do-Dads82Runnyeye: The Gathering12
Idols of Lord Venril Sathir82Shadow Odyssey Collections10
Idols of Lord Venril Sathir82Shadow Odyssey10
Idols of the Tribes of Guk82Shadow Odyssey10
Miragul's Dress Robes82Shadow Odyssey10
Mistmoore's Artifacts82Shadow Odyssey6
Najena's Lab Equipment82Shadow Odyssey8