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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Throne of Storms Oathstones90Destiny of Velious8
Thurgadin Mementos90Tradeskill5
Tizmak Trophies90Destiny of Velious7
Tokens of the Eastern Wastes90Destiny of Velious7
Tokens of the Great Divide90Destiny of Velious7
Trinkets of the Ascent90Destiny of Velious5
Trinkets of the Cursed90Destiny of Velious7
Vallon's Sigils90Destiny of Velious8
Vestiges of Growth90Destiny of Velious7
a graphometer fragment85Sentinel's Fate6
Ancient Erudite Crests85Sentinel's Fate5
Assorted Erudite Gardening Tools85Sentinel's Fate6
Battle Relics from Kejaan's Rill85Sentinel's Fate6
Caertaxian Poison Ingredients85Sentinel's Fate12
Chokidai Collars85Kunark7
Crageye Parts85Sentinel's Fate4
Elemental Cores85Sentinel's Fate6
Erudite Surgical Tools85Sentinel's Fate6
Flora and Fauna of The Vasty Deep85Sentinel's Fate6
Golem Parts85Sentinel's Fate6
Hua Mein Bamboo Items85Sentinel's Fate6
Kerran Toys85Sentinel's Fate6
Kunark Collections85Expert Recognition22
Lowland Basin Goos and Gobs85Sentinel's Fate9
Necrotic Construct Parts85Sentinel's Fate12